To Do’s To Do Before the Carpet Cleaner Comes

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To Do's To Do Before the Carpet Cleaners Arrive

To Do’s To Do Before the Carpet Cleaner Comes

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Carpet Masters is often asked if there is anything to be done before we clean your carpets. We found this super article on Angi. It's called "11 Things to Do Before the Carpet Cleaner Arrives" written by Ginny Bartolone and reviewed by Asya Biddle. The article is long, so we've kept to the basics, but you can check the whole article here.

  1. Speak with your Carpet Cleaning Company
    Your carpet team is ready for your questions. They may even send you a checklist of things to do before they arrive. This can be a big help to them on cleaning day. 
  2. Vacuum if necessary
    Some carpet cleaners may prefer to handle all of the steps of the cleaning process on their own. Others might prefer you vacuum before they come. Either way, it's a good chance to  check for loose items and to save them time, so they can focus more on cleaning your carpet well.
  3. Move Furniture
    Only move furniture if your carpet cleaner requests it specifically. Some larger items, like dressers, or cabinets will probably need to stay in place, especially if they're not likely to be moved in the near future.
  4. Store Fragile Items.
    Whenever someone comes to your home to clean, it's always a good idea to move any fragile items to a safe place. If the company is going to move furniture, remove all items beforehand to avoid extra work for your contractor.
  5. Check for Loose Debris
    Take a thorough look at your carpet to find any possible items that you wouldn't want to get stuck in a vacuum or steam cleaner. That includes things like bobby pins, jewellery and toys.
  6. Clean From the Top Down
    There's nothing worse than having a cloud of dust raining down on your newly cleaned carpets! Before your cleaners arrive, remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, tops of walls, lighting and ceiling fans. You'll be glad you did.
  7. Protect Your Drapes
    Tuck, or tie back long drapes so that they're off the floor. This could be a good time to give them a good dusting, or take them down and clean them, so you don't get dust on your clean carpet.
  8. Prepare Your Pets
    It's a good idea - for your pets and the cleaners, to tuck your pets away so your workers can get the job done without causing undo stress to either. Choose a room that will work and have a plan to keep them off the carpet until it's had time to dry.
  9. Have a Post-Cleaning Plan
    Make sure that you're prepared to stay off your carpet while it's drying. That can take up to 24 hours, or more in some cases. Remember this when making plans to have guests over or making appointments.
  10. Make a List of Stains
    You should make note of any areas on your carpet that may require extra attention and tender loving care. That includes spilled items and pet accidents. If they know ahead of time, they can be prepared to deal with them properly.
  11. Save a Parking Spot
    Be thoughtful and have a space cleared for your cleaners the moment they arrive, especially if they have a truck or van. If need be, provide advice on parking on the street if no driveway is available. Also, keep a clear space from the door to the room to be cleaned.

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